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Boddie Foods On Your Table


Bringing Flavor to your Table

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Boddie Foods was started as a way to bring power back to the home-cooked meals. Chef Vincent Boddie, has been surrounded by cooking since an early age. Multiple generations lived under one roof and everyday he would watch his grandmother, Eleanor, cook for 15 or more. Meals brought the family together and the kitchen had become the heart of the home.


Vincent’s grandfather, Hilliard Sr., turned the basement into his own hot sauce brewery. The two would take road trips to farmers’ markets for the freshest vegetables or to the meat house for the prime cuts.

In the Boddie kitchen, great memories were made, quality time was spent, and life changing advice was shared. This was an immense gift for him to receive and  

Chef Vincent Boddie created  Boddie Foods to share that gift with others.

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